Candidate Forum

Lane County District 5 Candidates Forum

Spencer Creek Grange hosted a forum for Lane County District 5 (“East Lane”) Commissioner Candidates on May 1, 2014 from 7 to 9 PM. Ballots for the May 20th election were mailed out May 2. All voters in the newly revised district 5 were invited to attend and meet the candidates, hear what they have to say and collect materials provided by them.

All 5 candidates for the position of County Commissioner from District 5 participated at this gathering. The candidates are Joann Ernst, Kevin Mathews, Jose Ortal, Jack Schoolcraft and Faye Stewart. Voters can see what they have to write about themselves in the voters’ pamphlet, but we hope many took the opportunity to meet and chat with the candidates informally.

Lane County Primary Election Results

Candidate Votes Percent
Faye Stewart 6,998 50.05
Kevin Matthews 4,931 35.27
Joann Ernst 1,036 7.41
Jose Ortal 672 4.81
Jack Schoolcraft 303 2.17

In an election that saw a turnout of just over 30% of registered voters, incumbent Faye Stewart was able to avoid a November runoff with Kevin Matthews by 9 votes, out of about 14,000 votes cast for the East Lane Commissioner seat.

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