Very Berry Pancake Breakfast

Very Berry Pancake Breakfast

Our 10th annual Very Berry Pancake Breakfast will be held on Sunday, August 21st, 8am to 11am. This event, funded by donation and run by volunteers, draws more folks each year. Sometimes we’re asked about the source of the ingredients that go into the breakfast. Here is a sample of where we get some of the items:

  • Coffee: Café Mam, donated by the folks at Royal Blue Organics in Eugene
  • Cream: Lockmead Dairy in Junction City
  • Flour: Camas Country Mill in Eugene
  • Berries: Donated by local growers and backyard farmers
  • Eggs: Donated by local farmers

In past years we obtained generous donations of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, marionberries and blackberries by driving to a dozen or more berry farms from Alvadore to Lowell and everywhere in between. Beginning in 2013 we moved the event into August, allowing us to obtain more of the berries from local backyard growers and pickers. If you’d like to help supply us with berries, including our local, ubiquitous Himalayan blackberry, please contact us a couple of weeks prior to the breakfast.

2011 Very Berry Pancake Breakfast

Old Time Fiddlers and Outdoor Patrons at the 2011 Very Berry Pancake Breakfast

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